Michael Jackson’s Website

As with almost every other celebrity , Michael Jackson too has his very own website. Often these sites are mere marketing machines and ┬ádon’t usually exist to communicate with fans but to sell to them. There are exceptions of course and over time I feel the Michael Jackson website has been used for both purposes.

Communication was important for Michael Jackson, more especially when he found himself embroiled in numerous scandals.

Michael Jackson’s website is a real treat for his fans. It gives some slices of his life not seen on TV. And since Michael’s passing has arguably become more important to fans than it ever was, and at this time of mourning is a kinda tribute site. There are literally thousands of messages there right now, on what has become a tribute wall of condolences.

The official website per-se is not that unique (save the current situation) and is very similar to a lot of other celebrity websites. There are links to download his music in addition to listening online, and videos too. And according to many fans, the videos are the best part of Michael’s legacy – especially the Thriller video.

The official website also has links to view his discography and search facility. The album links (unless they are demo free plays) takes you directly to Amazon for purchasing.

On the whole, it is not a particularly intuitive site, It is however, definitely a site worth visiting right now.

Be aware though, there are other worth visiting too, many will give you a different view point to the official line, which can only be a good thing – can’t it?