Find Out Then Chilling Details of the Cape in the Website of NBC

You would now find the details of the upcoming superhero drama- The Cape to be aired by NBC soon in the official website of the channel. The trailer has succeeded to create a lot of buzz among the excited viewers who expect that this new upcoming series would be different from the earlier series that were aired in the TV. This show would star Dave Lyons and Summer Glau apart from a host of other characters. According to a report from CapeSite, the sinister character of the show would wear a leather surgical mask on a face. In addition to that, he would wear a long jacket which would give him a dirty French Victorian look.

However, these things would all take place at the end of the show when Faraday would take up the mask and assume the role of the super hero to drive out the evil forces of the society. The Cape gives a lot of emphasis on the costumes. Along with the above mentioned costumes, he would also have slings of surgical knives to fight against all odds and attack his victims. NBC has unveiled that it would bring about 7 new genres to the network TV this season among which the superhero drama series would be one of them.

The Cape which is expected to be on air in the 2010-2011 seasons would come as a replacement of the mod season. This show would be perhaps too popular as it had already started getting lots of votes and ratings in the official website. Interested viewers of the superhero drams are logging on to the official website to have a look at the preview and find out the exciting and the chilling story of the show. Let’s hope for the best to find out the popularity and the success achieved by this show.